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Cotton Saree

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Cotton Nakshi Paar Saree by Pure Arang
13 hand sarees
A running blouse is included Cotton Saree

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It is usually worn together with a short fitted blouse, known as a choli, and a long·​ri ˈsär-ē variants or less commonly saree. : a garment of southern Asian women that consists of several yards of lightweight cloth draped so that one end forms a skirt and the other a head or shoulder covering.

A sari (sometimes also saree or shari) is a women’s garment from the Indian subcontinent, that consists of an un-stitched stretch of woven fabric arranged over the body as a robe, with one end attached to the waist, while the other end rests over one shoulder as a stole (shawl), sometimes baring a part of the midriff.
Pleats fall well with flowing fabrics like georgette and soft silks, while heavy, stiff like taffeta or organza or the extremely thin like chiffons or smooth ones like satin are difficult to fold – as they don’t hold well. Manipuri sarees
Saree, also known as sari is a traditional attire of Indian women. The name Sari originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Saadi’ which means ‘a strip of cloth’.
Banarasi sarees are typically heavy and have a rich draping style, making them a beautiful choice for making a statement.
To achieve a classy and rich look in a saree, consider wearing a modern, plain saree with minimal embellishments. Choose elegant colours and focus on simplicity for a sophisticated appearance.


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