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Weightless Georgette & Butter Silk Inner + Hijab + Niqab Burka

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Borkha + hijab + niqab
Fabric weightless Georgette
And butter silk inner.
Size 52,54,56
burka, a loose outer garment worn primarily in public spaces by some Muslim women. It covers the body and face, usually incorporating a mesh panel through which the wearer can see.Niqabs cover the face, but leave the eyes uncovered, while burqas cover the entire body, from the top of the head to the ground, with only a small screen allowing the wearer to see in front.
Chador: A large cloth worn by Muslim women especially in Iran as a combination head covering, veil, and shawl.This garment typically leaves the eyes and part of the forehead visible. The gulf-style or full niqab completely covers the face. It consists of an upper band that is tied around the forehead, together with a long wide piece of fabric which covers the face, leaving an opening for the eyes.Borkha + hijab + niqab
The term ḥijāb was originally used to denote a partition, a curtain, or was sometimes used for Islamic rules of modesty.The wives of the Prophet were indeed required to wear the niqab by this Qur’anic verse. This is because the special status they had meant they had to be kept clear from all gossip and slander.
The minimum requirement is to wear hijab but niqab isn’t mandatory. Why was the niqab and burqa invented when the Quran says women don’t have to cover their faces? . However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, Muslim women can wear gold jewelry on their wedding day.

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52, 54, 56


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